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The Great Lakes

Charter Boat

Big Lake Boat

Fully Licensed and Insured

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, we want you to succeed. At Outdoorsmen Charters, we provide all the experience necessary to find and catch fish on the Big Lake. No matter what brings you aboard—a family outing, business trip, or another occasion—you can expect exciting fishing all season long.


We fish for trout and salmon on Lake Michigan by trolling. On a typical day, we’ll have multiple lines out in the water as we troll at slow speeds. We use various line setups and lures depending on the time of year, conditions, and targeted species. Because rods are held in rod holders, you can move around the boat, enjoy snacks, and take in the beauty of Lake Michigan while waiting for a fish to strike.

Fish We Target

At Outdoorsmen Charter, we fish for all four species (Coho Salmon, King Salmon, Lake Trout, and Steelhead) the entire season from April to October. You can expect to catch any of these fish during a day out on Lake Michigan.

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon are ocean fish, but their population took off in the Great Lakes starting in 1967. Their average weight is about eight pounds, and they tend to group together in large numbers. Coho are great fun to catch on a charter boat since several are likely to be caught in quick succession once a group is found. Best fished for in early spring, Coho Salmon are not only great sport fish, but they also taste great!

Man with fish

King Salmon

Also known as Chinook Salmon, these fish are “king” because they are the largest salmon species, with 4-year-old adults typically weighing from 15 to 30 pounds. These ocean natives were introduced to Lake Michigan in the 1960s and are popular sport fish sought after by people all over the world for their fierce fighting skills. The best times to catch King Salmon are in May and from July through October. However, they can be caught all year long.

Lake Trout

Unlike Coho and King Salmon, Lake Trout are native to Michigan waters. These trout thrive in cold water and have long lifespans—sometimes up to 25 years! They average at 9-10 pounds, but older fish can reach up to 50 pounds. One of the best times to catch Lake Trout is during the month of June.

Man with fish


Also called Rainbow Trout, Steelhead are excellent fighting fish. They tend to inhabit the top 30 feet of the water and are known for jumping out of the water and displaying amazing acrobatics when hooked. They range from 2 pounds up to 20 pounds. Good fishing seasons include June, September, and October.

Our Team

Captain Nate

Meet Captain Nate

Captain Nate has 40+ years of experience fishing on Lake Michigan. An avid outdoorsman and tournament fisherman, Nate has spent his life on the water and in the woods building a skill set and knowledge that not many can compare to.


As a young man, Nate started working at The Outdoorsmen Pro Shop in Jenison Michigan, where he has given 40 years of hard work and fished with some of the captains and friends who were around for the start of the Salmon fishery in Lake Michigan.


As the general manager of The Outdoorsmen Pro Shop, Nate provides the gear for charter trips, and, with his true inside advantage, he’s one of the best guys to talk to about big lake rigs.

Meet Captain Josh

Captain Josh has been fishing Lake Michigan for 20 years. Fishing rivers with close friends started his passion for the salmon and trout fishery. Josh spent years traveling around Michigan to different rivers and streams chasing these amazing fish, leading him to open his own sports shop to sell river fishing gear. Then a very dear friend took him out on Lake Michigan, and it was love at first sight.


Josh bought a boat and started fishing for fun with friends before getting into tournament fishing. Slipping his boat near all the charter boats, he soon made friends with a few captains and started working as a first mate. He then decided to get his Captain’s license and fish for a living. He closed his sports shop and started working with a few of the busiest boat owners on Lake Michigan and at the Outdoorsmen Pro Shop in Jenison.

Captain Josh

Now Captain Josh is also one of the busiest Charter Captains on the lake and enjoys sharing his passion and love for the water with others. Captain Josh holds military veterans very close to his heart and feels that we can never do enough for our heroes. He also loves to take kids fishing and says one of the best parts of his job is seeing the kids’ faces light up with excitement as they hold a fish.

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Our Lake Michigan charters are perfect for families and first-time fishermen as well as those with lots of experience.

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