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Local Fishing

Outdoorsmen Charters

World-Class Fishing on Lake Michigan

Book your spot today and set sail on a local fishing adventure.

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The Finest Fishing Experience

Outdoorsmen Charters is a great choice for experienced anglers or families of all ages looking for a fun day on the water. Whether you’re an early bird, an afternoon person, or an all-day angler, we have trip options that are perfect for you.

No more searching for a charter launch site at 5 am! We’ll work with you to customize your experience and provide clear directions for meeting up and getting the most out of your trip.


Our Mission

Waking up before first light, getting underway in the cool, crisp, fresh air, seeing a truly amazing sunrise, hearing the first few clicks of a drag, and then…Bam! Fish on! Seeing the smiles begin as memories are made—that’s what we live for!


We are a very close group of guys--some would even say brothers from a different bloodline--who have a passion for sharing our love of the outdoors with others.


All of our guys and gals live what most would call a dream, from working at a Pro Shop to making a living working in the outdoors doing the things we all love. We want to share that dream with as many others as possible. Outdoorsmen Charters strives to get families and friends out on Lake Michigan for an eventful day of fishing.

We go that extra mile to make sure your family and friends feel right at home on our boat. We have light snacks and drinks available in case you forget to bring your favorite snacks along. We love to share information and educate our customers on the knowledge we have picked up in all of our years of living this dream.


One of the little-known secrets of this great state of ours is that we have a world-class fishery at our awesome coastline here in Michigan: King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Brown Trout, Lake Trout, and many more species.


Our goal is to give our customers a reason to want to come back to see us, build customer loyalty, and foster many friendships along the way.

We’re very proud to be Americans and support our troops, police, and fire departments every chance we can!

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The Boat 

Fully licensed and insured, Outdoorsmen Charter service runs fishing tours on Lake Michigan on our Big Lake Charter Boat, which operates 7 days a week. Our roomy vessel offers plenty of space for your family or group of friends to move around comfortably and enjoy your day on the lake.

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The Fish

On each trip, we target four popular Great Lakes sport fish species: Coho Salmon, King (Chinook) Salmon, Lake Trout, and Steelhead (Rainbow Trout). With over 20 years of Great Lakes fishing experience, Our captains know how, when, and where to target these fish so that your group has the best chance of getting one (or several) on the line.

  • Coho Salmon

  • King Salmon

  • Lake Trout

  • Steelhead


Weather Forecast

Keeping an eye on the weather is critical for safety and fishing success. We fish in the rain, but adverse wave conditions may cause us to reschedule or cancel trips (with a full refund). You can check the current forecast here.

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